Offering Before Expecting – David Zhao’s Secret to Establishing a Successful Digital Agency

An entrepreneur, an activist, and an investor, David Zhao is regarded as one of the most successful millennial leaders in today’s time. Born and brought up in Shanghai, China, David Zhao is without a question the most influential personality in the digital marketing space. A managing partner and a co-founder of New York-based NXT Group; David served as an independent digital marketer, who has now changed the face of this industry, so much so that global digital agencies are relying on his concepts.

More than just an Entrepreneur

Having earned a qualification from Wharton School of Business and his experience of independently managing digital marketing services for several clients worked in his favor before setting up his own ecommerce platform – MoreViews, Inc. in 2007. The early days of MoreViews, Inc. were typical as any startup firm. Work was thick, to begin with, and David Zhao played a key role in digital development, marketing, and management for several clients.