by | February 17, 2020

How I became a 25 YR OLD MILLIONAIRE

How I became a 25 YR OLD MILLIONAIRE from $0 in 10 days (JK 10 Years)

Many people think you must have starting capital to build a business. Although that’s true to a certain extent, I want to share my story of how I built my ventures with $0 10 years ago (AT 15 YEARS OLD). Building a venture requires expertise, dedication, the right team/partners, the ability to pivot/solve daily challenges, and most importantly persistence. I want to share my story to give an insight into one story of entrepreneurship and how it takes a long time and not months to build a profitable and sustainable venture. DO NOT BUY INTO ANY GET RICH SCHEME THAT PROMISES a better life in a short period. Build products and services that add value to peoples’ lives!


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