by | December 28, 2020

I Lost Over $500,000 in Stocks! | How to Invest in This 2020 Recession

I Lost Over $500,000 in Stocks! | How to Invest in This 2020 Recession

Here’s a story of how I lost $500,000 in the stock market. I hope the story will give you some insight into the world of investing. From there, I will give out my recommendations of personal investment strategies: The strategy I follow when it comes to investing in stocks is the buy and hold strategy. A common misconception that you should avoid is to day trade/swing trade/speculate. Don’t be fooled by guys selling your stock trading programs or stock tips that will generate quick wealth. If you don’t want to research into specific stocks, buy into funds like QQQ & SPY and make 6-8% annualized gain. Avoid investing completely in one company and learn to diversify. It’s too hard to time the market and you’ll actually end up losing money by trading stocks. STOP TRADING AND START INVESTING (SHORT TERM vs. LONG TERM). “Overnight rich” stories that seem too good to be true, ARE. Creating wealth is a LONG TERM process like anything good in life. Or, if none else, simply invest in YOURSELF and your own ventures.


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